Life in the boarding hall is a priceless opportunity for you to experience dynamic cultural exchange 和 develop life-long friendships with young women from across the globe.


的 newly redesigned 住宿生活课程 seeks to foster a sense of belonging 和 empowerment in our students. Based on research 和 best practices, the curriculum has been designed to teach social emotional skills, 字符, 生活技能, 户外技能, 和健康. Our girls will learn skills today that translate to the real world. From learning about self-management to healthy relationships to compromise, 管理预算, 做饭, 或者换轮胎, the students will benefit from a holistic education that transcends the confines of the classroom. 健康的老师, 宿舍的父母, 辅导员, 父母, school staff 和 outside experts will deliver a robust program in the evenings 和 weekends. Our residential life curriculum is designed to nurture the lives of our students, with an additional focus on four key areas: community, 灵性, 教育和意识, 和领导能力. Read more about each foundational component of our boarding curriculum!


Your days at 弗林特里奇圣心 will be action-packed! 同时, you’ll have down time to hang out with friends 和 build a community with your fellow classmates.

Take a closer look at what a day in the life of our current students looks like:

6:30 a.m.

Wake-up with some fun music, remind my roommates not to oversleep

8:30 a.m.

Present your completed Arduino prototype in Mr. 巴克斯曼的工程课

9:30 a.m.

Learn some new hip hop moves in dance class

10:55 a.m.


12:30 p.m.

Hang out in a lunch meeting for Science & 环保俱乐部

2:40 pm.

Head to office hours for help with English from Ms. 威尔金森

3:05 pm


5:30 pm

社区 dinner with my dorm family

6:10 pm

Go for a walk 和 enjoy the view with friends around campus after dinner

7:00 pm

Second study—working with a study group to finish my Spanish presentation

8:30 pm

Catching a flick at "的 L和ing" for #TBT movie night

10:00 pm

Get one last hug from your friend!

say good night to friends in the boarding hall

11:00 pm



Best Places to 访问 According to Our Students

Southern California is lively 和 full of culture! With easy access to city destinations, 海滩, 山, 还有沙漠, our students can have any type of experience they dream of. If you're visiting campus, we encourage you to explore some of our students' favorite destinations. Be warned, you might fall in love with the place!

花园、公园 & 海滩

Our students love getting outdoors! We make regular trips to a variety of gardens, parks 和 海滩 throughout Los Angeles County. Here are a few our favorite destinations.



With 230+ museums in Los Angeles, you're bound to find a few of interest. Here are some of our favorite museum destinations for learning about 和 discovering new artists.

Posing in front of Jeff Koons' "Tulips" sculpture


While we can always eat on campus, it's also awesome to head down the Hill for some boba, 星巴克 or a visit to Urth咖啡馆.

  • Sometimes we just want a coffee or latte from 星巴克
  • 85度 is our favorite place to get boba


购物 can be a fun excursion off campus to find a new outfit to wear to one of our community dinners or just a quick jaunt for some basics like toothpaste.

  • Perhaps the most famous two-mile stretch in all of Beverly Hills, we enjoy a trip to 罗迪欧大道.
  • 新太阳城爱的魅力 帕萨迪纳老城, not to mention the ample dining 和 shopping options!
  • 有时去当地旅行 目标 is in order for some laundry soap or other basics.


比如迪斯尼乐园, Universal Studios 和 the 玫瑰碗 are iconic Los Angeles area destinations 和 we love living here so we can take full advantage. 

At the entrance of Universal Studios
  • 的 玫瑰碗, 可在校园内观看, is a perfect destination for concerts, 从酷玩乐队到碧昂斯乐队, not to mention the largest flea market in the Los Angeles area.


Longer day or weekend get-away trips are perfect opportunities for us to build friendships with each other, plus it's fun to get out of the city 和 explore a little further away from home! 

Playing in the snow is a favorite activitiy during our winter trips to 箭头湖
  • 箭头湖 is a frequent destination for boarding council retreats


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La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

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